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Foot Surgery

Posted on August 27, 2011 at 1:35 AM

So what you are looking at is my sesamoid bone that has become the size of a marble. It rests underneath one of my bones in my left foot. Everytime I am on the ball of my foot it hurts pretty bad. So the news is: I am having surgery on the 6th. He might be able to remove and repair from the top, but he wasnt very optomistic about that route. He thinks that it will need to be removed from the bottom of my foot. What this means is that if it is taken out from up top, I can walk the same day. If removed from the bottom I will have to use crutches and not be able to put any pressure on it for WEEKS. We'll see how it goes. This surgery will end that problem that started when I was in high school. I broke that bone in several pieces and they decided to become the marble of today.

Keep you posted.

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