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Catching Up

Posted on December 7, 2011 at 7:40 PM

Sorry to those who visit this site and have been finding it behind. I am sorry!

So seeing by my previous blog, I haven't posted since August. Well, let's see what has happened since then.

1) I ended up having the foot surgery in September. The doctor was able to successfully remove my sesamoid bone through the top of my foot, so I was on crutches and able to put a bit of weight on it for a few weeks. I had a boot on my foot for about 5 weeks and it has become better.

2) Amelia's birthday party was on October 15th, the day before her birthday and she turned 2! She had her moments of being 2, but it went smoothly. My sister, Ashley, and her two girls came. It was so cute to see Katie and Amelia running around and playing together. Katie is about 6 months older than Amelia but they are now getting to be the same height! Amelia continues to be in the 90th percentile.

3) I had my birthday, lol, and turned 26! I was adopted on my birthday and it has been twenty - 20 - years!!!

4) I have been having some serious sinus problems. A persistent sinus infection and blockage is going to cause me to have surgery soon. I have to get better by Friday.

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