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I'm going to give this blog thing a try. I will try to post Amelia's progress, some fun crafty ideas, things I have read that might be interesting to you, and possibly some pictures. Thanks for stopping by. Posts will be made after Amelia goes to bed!

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July 31, 2013

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Few updates since last entry a year ago... (sorry!)

I am no longer at Staples; the cost of daycare plus higher out of pocket amount with Staples insurance was more than I was making at Staples. Amelia enjoyed her time at daycare but there was also a noticeable difference in her when I was working.

Amelia starts preschool 1 on August 19th. She is really excited...I am just a little bit. :D We have been working on our shapes, colors, numbers to get ready... hopefully she will be the smartest in class!

Steven and I will be celebrating our 7th Anniversary also on the 19th. Yay!

Pictures have been added to the Photo Gallery too... enjoy.


New job and random thoughts

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So I have decided to go back to work at my old job at Staples. I miss working there and the home study thing is just not working out. I have completed home studies in March and am currently still waiting payment. I am not going to do anymore for sure until I have gotten paid for the four and half. I am not sure completely if I will ever do them again....

I start back at Staples on the 15th and am pretty excited. My old managers are still there and were happy to have me come back. I finished my pretraining and apparently did the best at the store...even though I am not back yet! Maybe this means a promotion quickly to the department I want.

Kellie is going to be visiting us Memorial weekend. I do have my cousins wedding to go to that Saturday.

I cantor this Sunday, Mother's Day. It's a real treat for me to cantor and I really don't mind doing it on a day for mother's. Mother's Day may be a little hard again....still haven't completely accepted that I cannot bear my own children anymore. Real bummer to say the least.

Hope this finds you well!



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Things have been pretty busy. I took a job the very end of December writing home studies. When OKDHS needs a home study complete they contact my boss and she checks to see if I can take it (or another contractor.) I have had several that need to be completed around the same time, so I have been busy. I had a setback for a week and a half, so I am trying to get caught up. Steven and I got signed back up with the Y. We have taken Amelia swimming a few times. She really enjoys it. At our last appointment she was 30lbs and 37 inches tall. We have yet to get a 2 year picture taken of her... someday...

Catching Up

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Sorry to those who visit this site and have been finding it behind. I am sorry!

So seeing by my previous blog, I haven't posted since August. Well, let's see what has happened since then.

1) I ended up having the foot surgery in September. The doctor was able to successfully remove my sesamoid bone through the top of my foot, so I was on crutches and able to put a bit of weight on it for a few weeks. I had a boot on my foot for about 5 weeks and it has become better.

2) Amelia's birthday party was on October 15th, the day before her birthday and she turned 2! She had her moments of being 2, but it went smoothly. My sister, Ashley, and her two girls came. It was so cute to see Katie and Amelia running around and playing together. Katie is about 6 months older than Amelia but they are now getting to be the same height! Amelia continues to be in the 90th percentile.

3) I had my birthday, lol, and turned 26! I was adopted on my birthday and it has been twenty - 20 - years!!!

4) I have been having some serious sinus problems. A persistent sinus infection and blockage is going to cause me to have surgery soon. I have to get better by Friday.

Foot Surgery

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So what you are looking at is my sesamoid bone that has become the size of a marble. It rests underneath one of my bones in my left foot. Everytime I am on the ball of my foot it hurts pretty bad. So the news is: I am having surgery on the 6th. He might be able to remove and repair from the top, but he wasnt very optomistic about that route. He thinks that it will need to be removed from the bottom of my foot. What this means is that if it is taken out from up top, I can walk the same day. If removed from the bottom I will have to use crutches and not be able to put any pressure on it for WEEKS. We'll see how it goes. This surgery will end that problem that started when I was in high school. I broke that bone in several pieces and they decided to become the marble of today.

Keep you posted.


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So I realize that it has been awhile since I have posted anything here. I just want to let you know what I have been up to.

I volunteered to be a part of the MOPS steering team. First, what is MOPS? Mothers of Preschoolers. Second, steering team is basically those who run it and keep it moving along. I volunteered to take care of the newsletter and publicity. So while I have been away from my personal site, here, I have been working on another site for the group. It is at www.mopsofponcacity.webs.com . I have been working very hard on the newsletter and getting it ready for the first month. Our meetings start September 12th. The newsletter is made for every month we are in session. We meet during the school year Sept through May. I created the May newsletter at the end of the 2010-2011 year because the coordinator is starting her first year this year taking over MOPS and I decided to help her out at the end of the last to give her one less thing to do before it is all hers.

I will try to keep this updated for you but if you get to wondering what I am up to... check out that MOPS site.

Thanks for being patient with me.


Handmade Foam Elmo

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Newsletter May 2011

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Surgery Once Again

Posted on May 14, 2011 at 8:46 PM

I had another surgery on Valentine's day. I went to OKC to have it done by a very good doctor. She took very good care of me. Unfortunate is that I had to get a hysterectomy. It was my last option in order to be pain free and end all of the other four surgeries. I have no pain currently and I am hopeing it will stay that way. I have to have be continuously on hormone replacement therapy...the hormone estrogen by either pill or patch. I started with a circular patch call Estradiol but the adhesive made my skin break, bleed, and scab. The patch was the size of the palm of my hand...I still have marks from the first patch I used in February. It had to be worn for a week before changing. That was the best part. I ended up changing patches a month later, so now I use Vivelle Dot and it has been working very well. This particular patch needs to be changed every three days...and well....I remember MOST of the time. I am sure it will just become habit someday. I was told that the side effects of menopause come very quickly if hormones are not replaced....I sure believe it! I forgot it for a good 12 hours and I was having some serious hot flashes!! I am only 25....how horrible! I try to remember how I felt to keep me going.

Handmade Foam Door Hanger

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